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Membership Reports

May 19, 2014

To Division Presidents, Presidents-elect and Chapter Presidents

We would like to remind you there are two ways to access member rosters. In both instances, you will first login to the web community.

The most accurate roster will be under "My Membership"
Click on the name of your chapter.
On the next page, you will see your "Active Member Count". If you click on that number you will get a full list of current active members in the chapter.
This list is not automatically pulled into Excel; however, you can copy and paste it into an Excel document and then work with it in that format.
Please take the time to review the roster. You may find a few members who have expired. You will want to remove those lines before saving the file.

There is also access to the member roster under the "Chapter Leader Tasks" section on the Chapter Information page.
Click on Search for Chapter Members.
Scroll down to "Output Format" and choose Excel.
Then click "Execute Search" to download directly to Excel.
Please note, if you use the Chapter Leader Tasks search, your report will include duplicate records, as well as members who have not renewed. If you use this report, you will want to do the clean-up of removing these lines before saving your file.

We hope these steps will be helpful. If you have general questions about your rosters, or have trouble accessing them, please contact our Certification & Member Services team at

Kathy Schoneboom, CAP-OM Manager, Certification & Member Services

Membership Report Access

To access membership reports, please follow the instructions below exactly as they are provided. At this time, only presidents and treasurers have access to membership reports. 

1. Click here to login and access the portal. 

2. Scroll down the page to the "My Membership" section and click on your chapter/division name.

3. You will then see your Active Member Count. If you click on the number you will see a full list of current active members.

If you have any trouble accessing your reports, please contact IAAP's member services team at or call 816.891.6600.