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1pm CT, May 7, 2014: Whatever! Conflict Management - Register
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1pm CT, May 21, 2014: How DO They Do That? Secret Tech Weapons for Administrative Professionals - Register
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1pm, CT, Jun. 4, 2014: Decision-Making: Why Style Matters - Register
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1pm CT, Jun. 18, 2014: Become a Power Searcher with Google and Beyond - Register
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1pm CT, Jul. 2, 2014: Travel Planning for the Administrative Professional - Register
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IAAP Announcements

Action>Direction Spring 2014

The Action>Direction from the Spring 2014 board of directors meeting is now available.

CAP Exam - Computer-Based Testing

One of the initiatives of our Strategic Plan 2013-2018 is to move our CAP certification exam and OM specialty exam from paper and pencil testing to computer-based testing.

We are excited to announce that we currently plan to move to computer-based testing in 2015. We can’t share a lot of specifics yet; however, we can say that computer-based testing will be done through a company with secure testing centers and a consistent delivery system, with testing locations throughout North America.

In order to make this a smooth transition, we will not be providing testing for CAP certification or the OM specialty in November 2014. As such, the only test date in 2014 will be the upcoming May exams...

EFAM 2014 Registration Now Open!

EFAM 2014 is fast-approaching. Join 1,500 of your colleagues at the Wisconsin Center July 26-30 in Milwaukee, Wis. You'll have access to more than 65 hours of education, tons of networking, exceptional exhibit hall, and so much more.

2014-2015 Nominees

A list of current nominees for the 2014-2015 IAAP Board of Directors and The Foundation of IAAP Board of Regents is now available. The listing will be updated as additional applications are approved by the Nominations Committee and the final slate of candidates will be available in April 2014.

Call for Volunteers

IAAP is looking for motivated, talented and invested members to serve in various volunteer roles. If you would like to participate please complete and return the attached Willingness to Serve form to let us know your interests and skills.

From the President

Upcoming Events

  1. Town Hall Webinar

    May 6, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (CT)
    United States
  2. EFAM 2014

    Jul 26 - 30
    Milwaukee, WI, United States

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Carla Bynon, CAP
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Employer: TriZetto Corporation

Member: Cutting Edge Chapter

Why IAAP? "Carla is the immediate past President of the Cutting Edge Virtual Chapter of IAAP. She led this chapter through several years with grace and confidence. Her leadership skills are flawless and she has inspired all those who have been lucky enough to meet her. Without her the chapter would not have grown into the example of excellence that it has become."

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    Goodbye & Goodnight

    331000 Washington-Alaska Division

    To clarify, after the 2014-2015 year, there will be no more chapters, divisions, or districts. We will have branches instead, and everyone will just...

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    Changes in IAAP

    Here goes. I'm not only getting on my "soap-box". I'm also posting my first blog ever anywhere. Changes in IAAP I think there are...

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    Reimagining IAAP - "Phoenix" Project

    When I first heard about the massive changes in the IAAP structure, I felt a momentary sense of panic, very soon followed by a sense of relief....

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