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This Month's Meeting

Monday, December 1, 2014

A professional photographer - Candi Wolfe of  

Ericson-Wolfe Photography Studio will be shooting head shots at the meeting.

For more information contact:
Candi Wolfe  

Cost: $50 
Wardrobe Tip: 
Business attire is welcome, but  dress comfortably, no loud patterns, not too much jewelry.  

 Chapter Celebration & "The Magic Pose": Secret Body Language Tricks from the World of Neuroscience

Learn about the Hidden “Magic” Human Connection Tools that Will Move Even the Most Difficult People to Action. There is no question about it, the most important skill in the workplace is your ability to effectively move people to action. It doesn’t matter if it’s  Forbes, WSJ, or Harvard Business Review doing the asking - survey after survey has proven it to be the case.

 Think about it…

Salespeople need to move prospects to action

Managers and leaders need to move their staff to action

Customer service reps need to move angry customers towards solutions

Employees need to “manage up” in order to get much needed resources and support

All team members on every level are regularly asking for help and working together – in essence, moving each other to action!

 The “Magic Pose”

Most people are already experts at reading body language. You can usually tell when someone is feeling happy, or confident, or angry – just by the way they carry themselves. You may not know how. It’s a “vibe” thing. What “vibe” are you giving off? Our speaker has  discovered a “magic” pose that automatically makes you more influential – and it also has an added side effect that you’ll LOVE! This one little secret might literally changed your life.

Speaker: Tim David

Named the 2010 “Top Mentalist in North America” by, Tim David is one of the hottest up and coming entertainers today. He helps corporations and organizations make their events unforgettable and fun with unique programs consisting of interactive psychological “mind reading” and laugh-out-loud clean comedy.

In addition to making appearances for such organizations as
Bayer Aspirin, Boston University, 3M, WB Mason, Citizens Bank, Burger King, and many others, Tim is also the author of the books Magic Words–The Science and Secrets Behind 7 Words that Motivate, Engage, and Influence (Prentice Hall)and the best seller Memory Improvement Tips(Amazon).

Tim also
teaches other entertainers from around the world how to be better presenters and market themselves more effectively. He is the author of two home study courses, has produced three best-selling DVDs, and he lectures at seminars and events all around the country.

Metro Meeting Center
101 Federal Street, 4th Floor
Boston, MA 02110 

Cost -
Free for all participants.  

Please join us to celebrate the holidays, our members and a new era for IAAP!