Membership Reports

January 13, 2014

We continue to make great strides with our new association management system (AMS).

Chapter and division presidents and treasurers continue to have access to the member rosters, and are able to export the rosters to Excel and share them with membership chairs, or anyone else who might need the information. We hope to also provide direct access to the membership chairs by February 7.

Remember, we are now working with live data, and no longer have the ability to pull historical reports. I encourage each of you to pull rosters at least once a month to see who has joined or renewed.

The rosters now include the chapter name and number, the member’s name and ID number, their email address, and their join and expiration dates. The roster also indicates if the member is certified. Based on feedback from members, we are being more conscientious of our member’s personal information, and are no longer including addresses or phone numbers on the rosters.

Rebate reports were finalized in December and are available to chapter and division treasurers online.

We are still working on member-at-large lists and will let you know when those are available.

We appreciate the positive feedback and questions we are receiving.

Thank you.

Kathy Schoneboom, CAP-OM Manager, Certification & Member Services

Membership Report Access

To access membership reports, please follow the instructions below exactly as they are provided. At this time, only presidents and treasurers have access to membership reports. 

1. Click here to login and access the portal. 

2. Scroll down the page to the "My Membership" section and click on your chapter/division name.

3. You will then see your Active Member Count. If you click on the number you will see a full list of current active members.

4. If you'd like to export the list of members, scroll down to the "Chapter Leader Tasks" section on the Chapter Information page (this link is not available on the Active Member list page).

5. Scroll to the bottom to "Output Format" and choose "Excel," then click "Execute Search" to download an Excel version of the report. 

If you have any trouble accessing your reports, please contact IAAP's member services team at or call 816.891.6600.