Upcoming IAAP Webinars

1pm CT, October 1, 2014:
Minute-Taking: Inside and Outside the Boardroom
*This webinar is eligible for 1.5 recertification points

1pm CT, October 15, 2014:
Microsoft Access
*This webinar is eligible for 1.5 recertification points

1pm CT, November 5, 2014:
Managing Multiple Bossess
*This webinar is eligible for 1 recertification points

IAAP Announcements

Updated Revitalization Timeline

View the updated timeline for the revitalization of IAAP.

Action>Direction, EFAM 2014

The Action>Direction from the EFAM 2014 board of directors meetings is now available.

New Information About IAAP Restructure

There is new information related to the restructure that was released to the membership on Sunday, July 27. Read more about branches, local area networks, special interest forums and more.

CAP Exam - Computer-Based Testing

One of the initiatives of our Strategic Plan 2013-2018 is to move our CAP certification exam and OM specialty exam from paper and pencil testing to computer-based testing.

We are excited to announce that we currently plan to move to computer-based testing in 2015. We can’t share a lot of specifics yet; however, we can say that computer-based testing will be done through a company with secure testing centers and a consistent delivery system, with testing locations throughout North America.

In order to make this a smooth transition, we will not be providing testing for CAP certification or the OM specialty in November 2014. As such, the only test date in 2014 will be the upcoming May exams...

Call for Volunteers

IAAP is looking for motivated, talented and invested members to serve in various volunteer roles. If you would like to participate please complete and return the attached Willingness to Serve form to let us know your interests and skills.

From the President

  • Antoinette Smith

    September President's Message

    I hope all of you have recovered from EFAM, are back from summer vacations, at your desk and ready for work, and are settled in for the new IAAP year. Starting this year, we will be implementing some...

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Upcoming Events

  1. Louisville - 2015

    Jul 25 - 29
    Louisville, KY, United States
  2. Greater Ft. Lauderdale - 2016

    Jul 23 - 26
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL, United States

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Member Spotlight

Veronica Cross, CAP
Employer: Shelton State Community College
Member: Tuscaloosa Area

Why IAAP? IAAP changed the way I looked at my job. It became a career after I started learning more and seeing my importance in the office. I know that our organization is changing, but I am committed to IAAP and my profession. I obtained my CAP designation in November 2013.
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IAAP Member Blogs

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    Template for Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Manual

    Does anyone have a SOP template that works well for Administrative Professionals that you'd be willing to share? Thank you.

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    RE:50 Minute Books - Crisp?

    See the original eGroup Po

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    CAP and OM Study Groups for March 2015 Exams

    Certification General Discussion

    Are you or someone you know sitting for the March 2015 CAP and/or OM certification exams? I've just opened registration for the study groups I am leading,...

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